Hiring Nashville Caterers

Hiring the Right Nashville Catering Company for Your Next Event

There is a lot that goes into planning an event, but one of the most integral aspects of any special event is the food. For this reason it is crucial that you find the best Nashville caterer for your unique party, wedding or corporate event. To get started right now on your search for caterers in Nashville, fill out the form at the top of this page. You may be asking yourself, how does one go about choosing the right Nashville caterer? It is imperative that you do your research, check references and request a sample taste testing with those you are seriously considering hiring for your event before making any final decisions.

When contacting Nashville caterers, it is important that you state your requirements clearly and list all of your catering needs so that the caterer can give you the most accurate estimate for your event. How many guests will be attending your event? Do you already have a location or banquet hall reserved for your event and is there an on-site kitchen? Will any of your guests be requiring special dietary dishes? These are the kinds of questions you will need to run over and have at least a general idea of before you start calling up Nashville caterers and making arrangements.

What is Your Catering Budget?

Determining your catering budget is the first and most important step as you begin planning your event catering. This is why you will need to have a fairly accurate headcount on those attending your event before you can begin. Will your event be having a special theme that will be reflected through the cuisine? The smaller your budget, the less flexibility your Nashville caterer will have in designing a customized menu to meet all of your personalized theme requirements. It is important to keep in mind that it is often the type of food your caterer will be preparing that will affect the overall cost of the catering job, for example, salmon, shrimp or steak will inevitably cost more than a traditional chicken dinner.

When Will the Event Take Place?

The answer to this question can have an impact on the final cost for your event's catering. Since the demand for caterers is higher near the holidays, if your event falls around this time you may find yourself having to shell out a little more to secure the Nashville caterer you want. Which season your event occurs in may also affect the cost you will pay to get the particular foods you want served at your event. For example, serving foods that are fresh and in-season can be cheaper because they will be lower-priced and more plentiful at local shops and farmers markets.


Will your Nashville caterer be providing decorations like linens, tables and chairs? Often catering companies will supply linens, dining ware, tables, etc.. at no extra fee, however not all do. It is important to check with your Nashville caterer before about this. If they do not provide these party essentials find out what extra fees will be tacked on for these requirements or if you will be responsible for your own event rentals.

Will Your Nashville Caterer Provide Their Own Waitstaff?

You'll want to ask whether the caterer will be providing their own waitstaff and if so what is their dress code? If your event will be having a particular theme you will want to make sure that the waitstaff and server attire complements the style of your wedding or special event. For instance, if your event leans more to the side of a casual affair you won't want the waitstaff to be overdressed and vice versa. It is best that you work out these details well in advance.

These are simply a few of the questions you will need to consider before you begin contacting Nashville caterers. The questions you will need to ask your particular caterer will depend largely on the type of event you are hosting, the size of the event and how customized you want it to be. This is why it is essential that you sit down beforehand and go over all the details of your special event.

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