Planning and Catering a Successful Picnic

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A picnic is the perfect way to celebrate just about any type of event. Picnics are fun and laid back, while the planning is not. Finding the right location, assembling the guest list and planning for food, drinks and entertainment can be a bit overwhelming. Why worry when you can find a local catering company that can handle all of your planning, plus design a menu that is sure to satisfy you, your family and friends?

Local catering companies will work within your budget and plan your event as you imagine it. Our job is to help you find a local caterer that can make it all possible so you and your guests can enjoy the great outdoors. By calling us at 866-422-2837 or completing our online form we can begin the process of locating a catering company that will plan and cater your picnic perfectly.

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We have been using LocalCatering for years now and we always find great caterers!

JP, Arizona

I used LocalCatering for our wedding and yesterday I used it for our baby shower. Great site!

Tracy, Dallas TX

I planned an entire charity event through LocalCatering. I found a great caterer, DJ and even a banquet hall.

Josh T. New York