LocalCatering.com, a Catering Referral Service

If planning an event was easy, there wouldn't be an entire industry of professionals dedicated to doing it. Caterers, servers, bartenders, photographers, decorators, florists, venues and entertainers all exist to help you make your event the best it can be.

Before LocalCatering.com, the tools at the disposal of the planner (whether professional or otherwise) were references from friends and family, the Yellow Pages and an unorganized amalgamation of information on the Internet, leaving the party host or planner with the daunting task of faxing, emailing, or calling in the same information time and time again.

Make it easier to hire a caterer

That was the directive from both the vendors and the customers. Make it easier to find a wedding cake. Make it easier to find the perfect location. Make it easier to find potential bridal portrait customers. Make it easier to bid on limousine services.

Enter LocalCatering.com. LocalCatering.com was created in 2001 by founder Enrique Rangel, as an event marketplace where customers and merchants come together. Customers complete a simple, online form and event details are instantly submitted to qualified merchants. They generally receive up to four quotes within an hour. In addition to providing customers with quotes for catering, photography, floral services, limousines, event planning, and more, the site includes extras like star-rated customer reviews.

LocalCatering.com revolutionized the catering industry. At the close of 2004, LocalCatering.com was referring over $12.3 million in business to qualified merchants across the country every month. We continue to grow and dominate the industry.

Thank you for visiting us at LocalCatering.com. If there is anything we can do to make your stay memorable, please contact us at (512) 586-8615 or Kyia@LocalCatering.com.

Executive Biographies

Kyia White,
Chief Executive Officer/President

Kyia White brings a wealth of experience in the lead generation industry and customer acquisition services. In her previous role, Kyia successfully managed multiple lead generation programs that connected board certified plastic surgeons to patients looking for their services.

Over the years, Kyia has implemented lead generation best practices and processes, helping her clients create sales conversion funnels that are extremely efficient.

Kofi Addo,
Director of Sales

Kofi Addo has been with LocalCatering.com for almost four years. His expertise in the lead generation market makes him a powerful partner in our industry.

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