Hiring wedding caterers

How to hire a wedding caterer

Hiring your venue and wedding caterer are probably the two most difficult things that you must prepare for. To effectively plan your special day, begin by doing what's called "brain pour". Begin by simply writing down EVERTHING that comes to your mind about what you want and hope for on your wedding day. Don't worry about the order in which you write down your thoughts. From that list, you will then begin categorizing your To Do's and time lines, which will help you stay focused and organized.

Of all the to-do's on your wedding checklist, catering for your wedding should be towards the top of your list. Not necessarily because good wedding caterers is hard to find, but because you want to give yourself and fiancé ample time to find the right one. Giving yourself 8 to 10 months is ample time do some research and visit with the various caterers in your area.

Calculating your wedding budget

Calculating your wedding budget

Who isn't on a budget these days! Budgeting for a wedding may not be an easy task, but once you and your groom-to-be decide on the type of wedding you want, think about the type of budget you have. Either way, don't be discourage; there are many ways on how to save money and still make your wedding day a unique and special one. Friends and family are usually more than willing to help make your evening a memorable one. Following are a few more ideas on how to save:

1. Your Dress: There are so many resources at your fingertips, these days. The internet is one of them. You can find wedding dresses on sale that may be easily altered to fit your body. It's amazing how much you can save by doing a little research. Also, consider wearing an evening gown that resembles your style. The most important thing is for you to wear something that makes you feel confident, pretty, and well, magical.

What to Ask Potential Wedding Caterers

Quotestions to a potential wedding caterer

Give yourself a few days to think about all the questions you may want to ask a potential wedding caterer. The following questions can give you a start, and hopefully spark any additional questions you may have. More...

Can't Afford Your Wedding?

If you still think that by using these tips you won't be able to afford your dream wedding, visit www.MyWeddingDonations.com. Via MyWeddingDonations.com your family and friends can help you make your special day possible by donating to your wedding fund in lieu of a wedding gift. Visit this site to learn more on this free venue.

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