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Are you looking to host the perfect New Orleans soiree this year? Lucky for you, you just so happen to reside in a city known for its delicious and unique cuisine, and there are numerous caterers in New Orleans who specialize in creating exceptional and mouth-watering dishes to make any party a hit! To start your search for the right New Orleans caterer for your next shindig, simply fill out the form at the top of this page to start receiving free quotes from caterers in your area!

Not sure what to do for your next social get-together? Why not get creative and throw a theme party! What better way to capture the liveliness of a city like New Orleans than by throwing a Mardi gras festival theme? Think fun music, vibrant decorations and colorful drinks & snacks. There are a number of New Orleans caterers and event planners who can assist you in planning a Mardi Gras themed shindig people will be talking about for years to come!

Music and Decor

Traditional colors of Mardi Gras include lots of purples, greens and yellows. Use bright ribbons and Carnival masks embellished with feathers, sequins and glitter to adorn the walls. Don't hold back when it comes to decorating, make it as gaudy and extravagant as you want! Spice the atmosphere up and add another exotic layer of fun to your party by playing energetic Brazilian music to uplift your guests and encourage them to have a good time!

Party Fare

Mardi Gras marks the final day before Lent begins and individuals choose to give up something for 40 days (which for many is food related), so this is no time to be scant with the cuisine, indulge! Treat your guests to sumptuous lunch or dinner entrees, Cajun-style appetizers, festive Hors D'Oeuvres, baked goods and pastries and don't forget the King Cake! Mardi Gras themed cuisine is something most New Orleans caterers are no stranger to. Typically, preparing specialized food like this is best left to the professionals. Besides, you have too many other things to plan if you're going to throw a smashing party! Leave the worrying to someone else and have a New Orleans catering company design and cater all the food.


Typically, Mardi Gras is a holiday associated with "adult" excess, but you can easily throw a party that’s appropriate and enjoyable for all ages. Hold a costume contest and reward the winner with a special prize or traditional Mardi Gras costume beads. Since music is such an integral part of this celebration, an old-fashioned game of musical chairs is a great way to get people moving and having fun. For kids, you can purchase inexpensive paper or plastic masks and provide them with crafts like beads, feathers, sequins and glitter to decorate. Then when they’re done, have your own little Mardi Gras parade!

You have a ton of directions you can go with this fun, New Orleans style theme, so don't hold back, this is your time to be crazy and truly entertain. A Mardi Gras themed party can however be a large task to tackle, so don't go it alone, complete the form above to start receiving free quotes from local New Orleans caterers to help you plan an exceptional event, no matter what the occasion. Looking for event entertainment or photographers to make your special event a memorable one? We can help with that too!

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