How to Communicate with Your Los Angeles Caterers

Effectively Work with Your Los Angeles Caterers

Once the excitement of planning your next event has passed, it’s time to get serious and begin working on the details of your party.

By this point, you most likely have an idea of what you're looking to provide your guests at the big event. You are imagining a specific location and can envision the décor, food and setting. All this is great, but honing down on the details such as number of guests, etc. is where you need to focus on so you can efficiently communicate with the prospect los angeles caterers you interview. At Local Catering we can help you find a variety of Los Angeles caterers. Some Los Angeles caterers offer additional services such as invitations, rentals, flowers, entertainment and other planning services. Choose the Los Angeles caterer that can fulfill all your needs while keeping you within your budget.

That being said, begin with budget. Your budget dictates many of your decisions. Ask yourself some questions and gather your answers before meeting with one of your possible Los Angeles caterers. Here are a few to start with: Is this a small private affair or a large, fun-filled party? How many guests are you planning to invite? Do you need your caterer to handle invitations? Is this a sit-down dinner or buffet-style meal? Are you serving alcohol? What about entertainment? Will you need chairs, tables, linens, dishes, etc.? Most LA Caterers offer many of these services. It does make it easier when you have one company handling several areas of your party, but much depends on how involved you want to be.

Here are some additional Los Angeles Catering tips:

1. Refrain from showing or discussing budget with your prospective caterer until you’ve share what you want.
2. After you’ve presented your ideas and expectations, ask for a quote.
3. If it’s within budget, GREAT! In not, explain what your budget is and what can be done to bring down the cost.
4. Make sure to ask if their services include setup and clean-up.
5. Be clear as to your expectations and ask your caterer what they expect and need from you.
6. Walk away with an action plan, time frames and schedule your next appointment to make sure you keep up to date with the progress.

So if you happen to be a busy person, juggling a million tasks at a time, consider hiring a caterer to plan your next event. Most caterers have quite an extensive array of services and many years of experience. If you’re still not sure, ask around. Referral is still one of the best ways to find good Los Angeles caterers to choose from.

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