How to Book the Perfect Las Vegas Catering Company

Your Guide to Selecting a Las Vegas Caterer

Securing a top-notch, Las Vegas caterer for your upcoming, special event should be one of your primary focuses, after all, the food is probably the one thing your guests are looking forward to most. For many of you however, this is your first experience with event planning and you may not have the slightest clue of where to begin.

First and foremost, before you begin your hunt for a quality Las Vegas catering company, you need to decide on a catering budget and stick to it. This single step will often help narrow down your catering selection and make the search a little easier. If youíre unsure of what you budget should be, ask friends and others who have had similar events what they paid to get a better idea of what you want to spend per person as well as the overall cost. Do online research to get a clearer picture of what an event like yours typically runs.

After deciding on a reasonable budget, itís time to start narrowing down your catering options. Ask friends and family about previous caterers in Las Vegas they have used and what their experiences were with that company. Compile a list of Las Vegas caterers that have received the best reviews and references from people you know and trust and begin calling them. Decide from your phone discussions which Las Vegas caterers you like best and seem the most suitable for your special occasion. Schedule to meet with these few caterers you have narrowed down as possibilities. Before these meetings, it is a good idea to write down a list of questions that cover issues like payment policy, availability, time it will take to prepare the food and other specifics like what the catering staff will wear. Go over this list thoroughly beforehand, you want to be sure not to miss any important details.

After the interview, you should be able to arrange a taste testing with the Las Vegas caterer or caterers you are considering. Take into account both taste and presentation during this taste testing. Think carefully about the atmosphere you wish to convey at your event and whether you can envision this cuisine as a part of it all.

After taking these steps, you should be ready to select the most favorable Las Vegas catering service for your event. Be sure that you understand all the fine print in your catering contract, such as policies on taxes and gratuities, liquor policies, and always make sure that they are insured licensed.

Planning Your Las Vegas Event Catering

A Simple Catering Checklist

For the first-time event planner, the whole process can seem a bit chaotic. There are a bevy of tasks that are screaming for your attention, from securing a venue to coordinating with florists to arranging live music of DJs for your event. Use the checklist below to ensure that your Las Vegas catering service is in order so that any mistakes or potential mishaps can be averted on your special day, because the last thing you want is hungry, cranky guests.

1.) Determine your event-catering budget.

2.) Decide on a date for your event. Many caterers offer discounted rates for events scheduled on weekdays or Sundays.

3.) Decide on a menu type, be it a sit-down dinner, buffet style catering, mini appetizers, a themed menu and so on.

4.) Confirm with your caterer the final guest list so that they can ensure the correct amount of food is prepared.

5.) Get with your caterer and figure out what and if you will need to rent additional necessities tables, chairs, lighting, etc..

6.) Will your event require event entertainment? Many caterers will be able to refer you to these services.

7.) Make sure you are clear on the catererís set-up and clean-up policies.

8.) Confirm the terms of payment with your caterer.

9.) Does the caterer provide wait staff, and if so what will they be wearing?

10.) Request a copy of the catererís liability insurance and for a copy of the employers insurance to ensure that the staff is covered so that if an accident were to occur, you would not be held responsible.

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